Ch. Posey Canyon Pretty Spiffy "Poco"

(Ch Posey Canyon Percival x Morningstar Tiger Lily)
BAER Normal
CERF Clear

Poco is a lovely little 12 1/2" bitch with a compact, extremely flexible and muscular body covered with a thick, hard, straight coat. She finished her championship quite quickly after she figured out that laying down on the table for examination, and bouncing in the air instead of stacking was not how the conformation ring worked.

Despite her size she is the queen of her household of both dogs and people.She is a very lively, athletic little girl, and loves to get into mischief and has a keen eye for finding it. Poco is incredibly smart and picks up new tricks very quickly, whether we have taught them to her or not. She is a major toy lover and will present a toy to anyone who looks like they're not busy so they can play with her.

She is owned and loved by Karen Hartman and is currently in training for agility and obedience competition.

Parson Russell Terrier Poco 1

Parson Russell Terrier Poco 2 

Parson Russell Terrier Poco 3

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