Ch. St. Amand Adam of Posey Canyon, C.G.C., ROM

( Ch. Brairpatch Bolt, JE X Cedarsprings Hannah )
BAER Normal
CERF clear
(tested up to age 9 years)

What a wonderful dog our Adam is. He has the most regal, gentle soul.
He was the solid foundation of our breeding program and the Great Grand and Grandsire of many winning dogs in the AKC today.
He has made a positive contribution to several breeding programs.
At 14.5" he is a tall boy, with fabulous angles, light broken coat and the most fluid movement you could ever want on a terrier.
Clean coming and going and how he loved to show. He is retired now doing some boating and babysitting a few kidos.

Parson Russell Terrier Adam 1

Parson Russell Terrier Adam 2 

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