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Choosing A Parson Russell Terrier Puppy

We periodically have show quality and/or pet quality puppies available for sale. As there is a great demand for our pups, we only have a very limited number available each year. Please understand that we love our puppies, and we are very concerned about where they are placed. We believe your careful consideration of these questions and our concern in screening of potential buyers is in the best interests of our puppies. It may also prevent possible heartbreak and strife for buyers. Contact us for specific information and availability.

We do not currently have any puppies available.

Parson Puppy

Parson Russell Terrier  
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Things To Ask Yourself

Why do I want a Parson Russell Terrier?

Have you really thought this out? We hope your reasons go beyond the fact that they "are so cute." If you are part of a family this needs to be a FAMILY decision.

Do I have enough time for a puppy, and can I commit to lifetime care?

You are taking on the responsibility for a life that will depend on you for up to 18 years. Puppies require a lot of training to make them well-adjusted, welcome members of a household. They are unable to feed and water themselves. They don't have good manners and are not potty trained. If you are away all day, everyday, and your puppy is alone for long hours it is going to be difficult for him to learn these things quickly.

parson russell terrier puppy
Posey Canyon Parson Russell Terrier

Are my children responsible enough to treat a puppy in a loving manner?

Parson Russell Terriers love children and do very well with well behaved children. If children poke his eyes, pull his tail, or tease him a terrier will defend himself against this unfair treatment. He may react by biting. This is not aggressive behavior, it is his way of saying, "I don’t like what you did!" We strongly encourage time with children and puppy be monitored at all times.

Do I have a secure fenced area for a dog?

It is heartbreaking to lose a dog to a speeding car. This seems to be the very sad end to many Parson Russell Terriers who tend to chase balls, kids, or other small animals, with no regard to the possible dangers. The best way to prevent this and other causes for losing a pet is a secure fenced area.

We do not recommend underground electric fencing as it will not keep larger dogs that may harm your dog out of the yard. Also, many Parsons have total disregard for this type of fencing and will take the zap and run right through the fence line.

Please don’t consider staking out your dog. This is not only unsafe; it can create an aggressive dog.

Do I understand the temperament of this feisty little white-bodied terrier?

Please do some homework. Under our Parson Essentials we have provided the history of the Parson Russell Terrier, the current breed standard, many suggestions and great resources for a more complete understanding of the Parson Russell Terrier. We're happy to answer your e-mails, letters or phone calls. We welcome your planned visit to meet some real life Terriers.

If you have asked yourself these questions, done the research and are still interested in a puppy, then here is some information about our puppies.
Posey Canyon Russell Terrier

About Our Puppies

Parson Russell Terriers
We only breed a few litters a year. Our goal is to produce genetically and temperamentally sound terriers that meet the PRTAA breed standard. We strive to produce a terrier that will win in the show ring, but more important than that we work to make our terriers the best possible companions. We are a signature to the PRTAA Breeder's Code of Ethics.

Our terriers come from known, sound American lines that go back to established English lineage. We personally know many of the ancestors in our pedigrees and have done our best to know the history of the dogs we are unable to meet in person. All of our puppies come with a full four generation pedigree.

Because we are concerned with genetic soundness, our breeding dogs are BAER (hearing) tested normal, Patella normal and CERF (vision) tested annually. We do other testing when indicated. We enter our test results with CHIC (Canine Health Information Center). Copies of these test results are available upon request.

Our puppies are born in the bedroom and raised with the family. We make every effort to expose them to many different people and a variety of social situations while they are young. They play with, and learn from Mom, Dad and the other adult terriers. We encourage our buyers to continue with this socializing when they take their pups home. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to enroll in puppy kindergarten, and continue on to more advanced obedience training with your puppy.
At eight weeks of age our pups will have had one parvo only vaccination and one puppy vaccination. Older pups will have had more shots, as appropriate. We begin to worm our pups at two weeks of age, and keep them on a schedule until they leave for their new homes. The puppies go to their new home with their complete health record and a written health guarantee. We provide some of the food we have been feeding, a recommended book about Parson Russell Terriers, as well as our Care and Training Guide.

Parson Russell Terrier puppies

Parson Russell Terrier puppy
Our dogs are AKC registered. Some pups are sold as "companion" puppies, with limited registration. Do not expect to buy a "companion" quality puppy and then decide to breed it. Every litter will have pups that are not the quality to be bred or shown. This may be for cosmetic reasons, such as lighter pigment, or an incorrect bite. The pup may not be outgoing enough to perform well in the show ring. His measurements may be less than perfect (height, body length) but he will still be a wonderful companion. Pups sold as "breeding/show" prospects come with full registration. This is our way to help ensure the best possible health for future generations.

We have a lifelong commitment to the pups we breed. We are always available to answer any questions you may have about diet, health, training, etc. We will take back, or help to place, any dog we have bred should you find you are unable to keep it for any reason. Our commitment does not lessen your obligation to lifelong care.

If you are still interested in a Posey Canyon puppy, then we have a few general questions for you. Please see the next section.

Our Questionnaire

We have put a lot of time, effort and money into breeding a puppy and we want to make certain you are prepared to provide adequate time and attention to raising it. Our questionnaire is very easy to fill out. It reflects the questions you have already asked yourself and helps us know you a bit better. It may also give you some things to consider before you decide on a Parson Russell Terrier. If you would like a copy of our questionnaire, Go to Posey Canyon Questionnaire, which will open in a new window. When we receive the completed questionnaire we will add you to our waiting list for the upcoming litter that interests you.

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