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In 2006 I collaborated with a couple of fellow breeders and created the following presentation. Many breeders donated photos for the work.  It is based on the breed standard for the Parson Russell Terrier and was originally created as a tool for Judge’s Education.  It is very useful for anyone wanting to learn about the Parson Russell Terrier. 

 In addition to the breed Standard the presentation includes breed history and clarifying comments on the standard.  In its original complete form it is a Power Point presentation (.ppt file), and it is rather large and takes some time to download.  A simplified version is presented here so the viewer can see it slide by slide. 

Anyone wishing to view the complete Power Point presentation can download it via the link below.  There are more than 125 slides in this presentation, so please be sure to view them all, you will learn so much.

 The presentation will open in a new window for your convenience. Enjoy!

Be sure to view each slide in the presentation by clicking on the arrows.

Begin The Presentation  ( simplified version )

For complete Power Point Presentation,  Download .ppt file

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