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Breeding dogs should always be about taking the two best dogs you can, then mating them with the goal to produce a better example of the breed always keeping in mind health, temperament, and correct structure. People in dog breeding circles say you should always leave a breed in better condition than it was when you first discovered it.

Nowhere is that more true than at Posey Canyon. We breed our dogs with a clear eye focused on improving the breed. Parson Russells have come a long way in recent years, but we believe there is still a lot of work to do to bring the breed to where it needs to be.

For the dedicated breeder, showing dogs is a way to showcase that kennel's breeding program. We exhibit our dogs to judges who are qualified to judge our breed. They measure our dogs against their interpretation of the AKC Parson Russell Terrier breed standard.

We may think we're on the right track with our breeding program, but the only way to know for sure is by comparing our dogs head-to-head with dogs from other kennels. And that can only happen in the show ring, in dogs shows sanctioned by the American Kennel Club. Over time, a good kennel will earn recognition for their efforts by its dogs earning points and champion status through those sanctioned dog shows.

This page offers a list of the champions we've had the pleasure to have bred, owned or champions that were sired by Posey Canyon dogs.

Posey Canyon Parson Russell Terrier Champions page

Posey Canyon Champions

Ch. St. Amand Adam of Posey Canyon, CGC, ROM
Ch. Posey Canyon Percival, CGC
BIS Ch. Posey Canyon Eyes of Storm, BROMO
Ch. Posey Canyon Summer Storm, SE, BROMO
BISS Ch. Posey Canyon Here's Stu You!, RN, JE, VDX, CGC
Ch. Posey Canyon Summer Breeze
Ch. Posey Canyon Joyful Noel, ROM
Ch. Posey Canyon Legend of Edgar
Ch. Posey Canyon Princess Attitude, SE
Ch. Posey Canyon Pretty Boy Floyd, CGC, OA, AXJ
Ch. Posey Canyon Perfect Storm
Ch. Posey Canyon Pretty Spiffy, RN
Ch. Posey Canyon Especial Spook
Ch. Posey Canyon Tazlberi Delite, JE
Ch. Posey Canyon Dizzy Lizzy
Ch. Posey Canyon Cosmic Charlie
Ch. Posey Canyon Storm Watch, ROMX
Ch. Posey Canyon Day Of The Storm, CDX, RE, MX, MXJ, JE
Ch. Posey Canyon Deldare Sonnet, ROM
Ch. Posey Canyon Front Page News
Ch. Posey Canyon Jim Dandy, ROM
Ch. Posey Canyon Just Perfect
Ch. Posey Canyon Macy
Ch. Posey Canyon One For You
Ch. Posey Canyon Rockin Robin, JE
Ch. Posey Canyon Storms a Brewin
Ch. Posey Canyon On The Spot
Ch. Posey Canyon Sudden Impact
Ch. Posey Canyon Part and Parcel
Ch. Posey Canyon U Won't Regret Her, JE, VDA, CGC
Ch. Posey Canyon Got My MoJo
Ch. Posey Canyon Pick A Dilly
Ch. Posey Canyon Royal Tiara
Ch. Posey Canyon Code of The West
Ch. Posey Canyon Felicity Shagwell
Canadian Ch. Posey Canyon Foxfire of Norjo
Ch. Foxcatcher Full of Pimento
Ch. Barksalot's Kiss My Grits
Ch. Red Rock Walkin After Midnight
Ch. Red Rock Texas Ranger
Ch. Telltale Red Rock Joint Venture
Ch. Telltale Red Rock Jumpmaster
Ch. Posey Canyon Light and Fluffy
Ch. Posey Canyon Shagalicious
BISS Ch. Posey Canyon No Brainer!
Ch. Posey Canyon Hot Java

Champions sired by Posey Canyon stud dogs

Ch. Barksalot's Easy Money
Ch. Barksalot's Dance Till Dawn
Ch. Red Rock Forget Me Not
Ch. Red Rock Taken By Storm
Ch. Fremont's Laka I'no of O'Hoa
Ch. White River Stormy Breeze
Ch. Fremont's Amanda of Storm
Ch. Red Rock Smooth Sailing
Ch. Red Rock Dream Catcher
Ch. Red Rock Hermionie of Asgard
Ch. Red Rock Wind in the Willow
Ch. Red Rock Little Knock Out
Ch. Red Rock Easter Lily
Ch. Red Rock Simply Irresistible
Ch. Red Rock Canadian Magnum PI
Ch. Cedarspring Izshe Lightening
Ch. Cedarspring Whirlwind
Ch. Cedarspring Smooth Bit O'Storm
Ch. Willowbank Southern Savannah
Ch. Willowbank CatchMeifUCan
Ch. Willowbank She's A Pistol
Ch. Edison's TNT Aftershock
Ch. Edison's Nick of Time
Ch. Sandplum Ridge Bridget Bardo
Ch. Sandplum Ridge Greta Garbo
Ch. Spr Calm Before The Storm
Ch. Whitetail Run Stir'Upa Storm
Ch. Stonemaple Liberty
Ch. Rat Race All About Me
Ch. Rat Race No Stopping Me
Ch. Rat Race It Wasn't Me
Ch. Nonsuch Power Surge
Ch. Storm's Valentine
Ch. Whisper Wind I'm A Dignified Dude
Ch. Whisper Wind I hope You Dance
Ch. Stonemaple Courage
Ch. Stonemaple Freedom, JE
Ch. Stonemaple Victory At Poet
Ch. Keefer Farm's Lock and Load, ME
Ch. Keefer Farm's Storm Rider
Ch. Keefer Farm's She's A Pistol, SE
Ch. Keefer Farm's Let Freedom Ring
Ch. Keefer Farm's Clyde The Glide, VDA, ME
Ch. Rosewood Awesome Blossom
Ch. Rosewood O'Henry
Ch. Rosewood Stepaside Justajack
Ch. Stonebrook's Funny Girl
Ch. Stonebrook's Steel Magnolia
Ch. Stonebrook's Soap Box Derby
Ch. Thunderhill Raisin Cain
Ch. Thunderhill Abbey Road
Ch. Ruffntumble Ready To Rumble
Ch. Digme Barnstormer
Ch. Sixes River Ripple
Ch. Sixes River Corrina
Ch. Sixes River CC Rider
Ch. Redwood Nothin But Trouble
Ch. Iron Spring Scrufulous Pippin
Ch. Ledyno's Nothing but Trouble
Ch. Red Rock Maybe It's Maybeline
Ch. Orejac’s Roustabout

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